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Locality Budgets allow County Councillors to recommend allocating small amounts of funding to support projects and activities that directly promote the social, economic or environmental wellbeing of communities in their Division. 

County Councillors are encouraged to consider how their recommendations can be used to attract additional funding, volunteers and community engagement - multiplying the overall impact. 

For help with Locality Budgets contact Louise Marwood on 01609 532656 or via email on localitybudgets@northyorks.gov.uk

The Stronger Community Inspire Fund is primarily about supporting local social action. We want to encourage people to get involved in their local community by offering small grants to help establish new services, events or activities that:

  • Increase social interaction;

  • Encourage neighborliness; and

  • Improve the wellbeing of individuals and communities.

The grant may be used to:

  • Fund events or activities;

  • Help with start-up costs for new projects or services; and

  • Purchase small items of equipment.

Grants will be made as a one-off contribution to the cost of a project. Applications should demonstrate the project can be delivered without needing future support from this fund.

For Stronger Communities information contact Mark Taylor on 01609 533914 or via email on stronger.communities@northyorks.gov.uk

Smokefree Places Fund was launched by North Yorkshire County Council’s Public Health team and aims to promote and support a smokefree lifestyle whilst helping to realise the ambition of a smokefree generation by 2025.

The new national Tobacco Control Plan for England, Towards a Smokefree Generation , emphasises the importance of smokefree places.

  • Promote the normalisation of a smokefree lifestyle.
  • Young people in particular consistently over-estimate how many people smoke and therefore perceive it to be ‘normal’.

  • Cigarette related littering will be reduced.

  • Reduce the opportunity and convenience to smoke, meaning smokers may smoke less.

  • Change community norms, reducing the visibility of smoking, making it seem less socially acceptable and providing positive role models.

  • Reduced exposure to second hand smoke.

  • Help promote the free local Stop Smoking Service.

Applicants should demonstrate that there is a problem with smoking behaviour in their area; that they are able to engage their community and deliver promotion of a smokefree lifestyle beyond the practical aspects of the project (i.e. signage).

Bids for funding are welcomed from any organisation who is responsible for public spaces, and who are permitted to allocate places as smokefree. Funding can be used for community events, signage and events to promote a smokefree lifestyle. 

For help with the Smokefree Places Fund contact Phillippa Sellstrom on 01609 536836 or Ruth Hine on 01609 532513 or via email Phillippa.sellstrom@northyorks.gov.uk or Ruth.Hine@northyorks.gov.uk.

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